Ritaj Engineering Consultancy
& Project Management


Civil & Architecture

Design and construction management of complete range of structures such as villas, multi-story residential & commercial buildings, schools, government and corporate headquaters.

Work Stage 1:
Preliminary Design Stage

  • Take the owner's & architect's instructions regarding the requirements of the project and configuring plans, needs & restrictions.
  • Visit the site and gather information fro design & engineering.
  • Prepare preliminary drawings, sketches and notes sufficient to explain consultant's general understanding of owner's requirement.
  • Submit the outline of consultant's plan to fulfill owner's requirement including projection of probable cost of the work.

II- Design Stage

  • Prepare engineering calculations in order to carry out design & engineering of various systems and to size and selec equipments and materials.
  • Conduct economic & technical evalution of alternate systems/equipment.
  • Prepare design drawing in coordination with the owner, architect and other consultants.
  • Prepare cost estimate & bill of quantities.

III- Tender Stage

  • Prepare tender documents comprising commercial and technical specifications, bill of quantities & drawings.
  • Submit tender documents to the owner in order to invite tenders.
  • Prepare draft tender notice and other documents necessary to enable the owner to invite tenders.

IV-Contract Award Stage

  • Scrutinize and evaluate tenders received.
  • Prepare points for technical clarification & confimations from tenderers.
  • Discuss and finalize technical points with tenderers.
  • Prepare report on tenders comprising comments, comparative statement of prices, analysis and recommendations.
  • Prepare draft letters of intent, drafts of detailed works orders & other documents necessary for the award of work to the tender selected by the owner.

V-Construction Stage

  • Visit the site for periodic broad inspection as and when necessary during the period of construction and convey decisions to owner's site manager/engineers from time to time. Instruct the constractors to make good & rectify defective work. If and found during site visits.
  • Ensure projects are handed over to the full satisfaction of the clients. Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration
  • Co-generation
  • District Cooling
  • Electrical (Substation, D.G. Sets, Internal and External Electrification).
  • Low Voltage (Telephone, computers, music, public address, T.V., security, parking management).
  • Public Health Engineering (Plumbing, sanitary, water/effluent treatment, air pollution control).
  • Fire protection and security.
  • Building management system.
  • Vertical transportation (Elevators, escalators,travelators).

The consortium can also undertake detailed energy audit in existing building and advises the owners on ways and means of achieving energy conservation and optimisation.